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After completing her diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture, Sarah headed to London for six years where she designed diamond jewellery collections for renowned jewellery companies, her work taking her to all corners of the globe and featuring on many
pages of International magazines.

Since returning to South Africa in 2008 Sarah set up "Lily Loves" a company dedicated to the designing and manufacturing of hand made copper water fountains, utilising her metal smith techniques but now on a bigger and bolder scale. Water Fountains may be commissioned by clients according to specific requirements. Viewing is by appointment in Johannesburg or at the various Trade Shows
country wide throughout the year.

About Lily loves...

Lily Loves designs and manufactures sculptural hand made water fountains based on botanical designs. All water fountains are made from pure copper, hand beaten and rolled into shape to create a unique water fountain. Water flows up through the main stem and down the leaves making a gentle splashing sound. In turn the copper colouring weathers and turns a beautiful characteristic aged green colour. Each water fountain is individually made for the client.

If however you would prefer another design that is not in our
gallery you may commission one to be made and a quote
will be worked out for your requirements.

All water fountains are supplied with a pump which will require minimal maintenance of cleaning periodically. Also required would
be an electrical point for the pump and a pond or watertight
container to place the water fountain.

Assorted range of Lily Loves fountains at the Bristlecone Nursery Open Day

Customer comments

"I'm so grateful to you for all you've done to make this dream a reality. I'm just thrilled with the rose - it is so beautiful and I thank you so much for making it for me".

Christine Poppe from Minneapolis.

"It is absolutely wonderful what you made for us, she is so stunning, so beautiful and I'm so glad that I've contacted you for this job!!!! Really well done, the size is perfect (she looks so huge, doesn't she?) and I like her so much, can't wait to put her in the pond..... Thank you very much for your patience and everything you did for us, it was really a pleasure to work with you. I wish you many many happy customers (like me now!) and that you will always have some good ideas for fountain designs".

Katja Noh Lund from Walvis Bay, Namibia.

"BTW your card should read MASTER fountain maker".

Jon Tang from New South Wales, Australia.

"Can't tell you how much pleasure our 'tinkling' fountain gives us".

Tanya from Chantilly Guesthouse, Ceres. Cape Town.

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This fountain was created specifically for the Rosafrica 2012 16th World Rose Convention hosted in Johannesburg. This English rose compliments any garden setting , it is small enough to place in a small pond or water container, yet bold enough to make a statement. A full blown rose consisting of eight layers of petals and a central stem elegantly spraying water.
width: 30cm, height: 35cm
This is one of the smallest fountains in the range. It is designed to enhance a corner of the garden or where a little extra detail is needed. The fountain consists of two open water lily flowers, a closed bud and one water lily pad.
width: 18cm, height: 52cm
The uniqueness of this fountain is the three elegant hand blown clear glass flowers, each individual in shape. Water flows up the stem and out through each flower. The combination of the two different mediums work well together.
width: 20cm, height: 68cm
Art Nouveau in style this elegant fountain has beautiful curves that end in buds, each elegantly spouting water. The central flower has curved petals completely open in full bloom. Water sprays out the main flower and out each flower bud.
width: 35cm, height: 70cm
This plant lends itself to a geometrical design. There are twelve leaves, six layers, two leaves in each layer. Water comes out of the top leaves, cascades into the next leaf, descending all the way into the water.
width: 63cm, height: 63cm
This water fountain is hand made by shaping each of the eighteen petals into beautiful curved shapes. Water flows up and out through the main stem, creating a decorative spray.
width: 50cm, height: 41cm
Although slightly more stylized in design this eye catching water fountain consists of five leaves and three Arum lilies, water travels up and out through each leaf and lily cascading down into the pond.
width: 84cm, height: 91cm
The lotus pod fountain consists of four lotus leaves and three lotus pods. Water spouting out all of these seven elements creates a wonderfully relaxing sound when it falls gently into the water below.
width: 43cm, height: 75cm
The beauty of the Lotus flower is the lack of symmetry. Each leaf is handworked into a unique shape. Water flows out the Lotus pod over the top leaves trickling down to the lower leaves until it falls into the pond.
width:1 Meter, height: 45cm
This magical tree stands 1.75 meters tall. Branches intertwine to form beautiful shapes, every angle presents a new natural design. Water flows through the trunk and branches until it flows out the forty odd leaves. It's branches gently swaying in the wind this magical tree will add beauty and charm to your home.
width: Over 1 meter, Height 1.75 Meters
This elegant fountain enhances any garden or courtyard setting. It's thin curved leaves allow the water to drip delicately into the water below creating a relaxing soothing sound.
width: 85cm, height: 97cm
A unique fountain that is attached to a wall consisting of seven hand beaten leaves. Water wells up in the top leaf trickling down into each leaf until finally falling into the pond below. A calming trickling sound of water can be heard echoing from this fountain.
width: 70cm, height: 1m